Kitchen trends for 2020

Given the popularity of granite countertops for kitchen design and bath spaces, the enduring quality and use of granite remains high on the consumer choice of product. However there has been a shift to other stone choices that present a equally if not in some cases a better option. Today we will examine the use of quartz countertops as viable option. Quartz has a strong reputation as a low maintenance bacteria resistant surface, not dependent on sealing and resealing that is required for much of the granite surfaces we see popular today. The ability of quartz to repel stains, and the stones exceptional strength and durability also adds to its up and coming uses in kitchen and bath, and as some designers and home owners would attest it is here to stay! Given manufacturers interest this product now can be used in a wide variety of color and patterns. It is with excitement that we offer these beautiful options in our product line as well, with the same hygienic efficiency, patterns and color depth.

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