Kitchen trends for 2020

Given the popularity of granite countertops for kitchen design and bath spaces, the enduring quality and use of granite remains high on the consumer choice of product. However there has been a shift to other stone choices that present a equally if not in some cases a better option. Today we will examine the use of quartz countertops as viable option. Quartz has a strong reputation as a low maintenance bacteria resistant surface, not dependent on sealing and resealing that is required for much of the granite surfaces we see popular today. The ability of quartz to repel stains, and the stones exceptional strength and durability also adds to its up and coming uses in kitchen and bath, and as some designers and home owners would attest it is here to stay! Given manufacturers interest this product now can be used in a wide variety of color and patterns. It is with excitement that we offer these beautiful options in our product line as well, with the same hygienic efficiency, patterns and color depth.

The case for concrete

Concrete countertops offer a completely customizable, handcrafted surface popular in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor entertaining areas. Concrete counters combine functionality and beauty, giving you the ability to create surfaces in virtually any color, shape or size. Textured finishes allow to match design style, such as traditional, modern, contemporary, industrial, and rustic, plus they are durable and easy to clean and maintain.
Concrete counters are either precast or poured in place, precast allows for pouring and finishing the project and the installing in the appropriate space, if installing to a large space presents problems pouring in place is a viable option but can be a lengthy process. Given all its flexibility concrete has risen in popularity for many homeowners and can be found in many forms and spaces from traditional to rustic. Here at Shallow Grave Customs we can provide the look of concrete without the weight or time delay inherent with this product, additionally honed, polished or glossy finishes are achieved in short order as opposed to grinding and polishing required of concrete. Finished surfaces will be the subject at another time so please stay tuned!

Gloss or Matt

Since we have been discussing new concepts and design trends in kitchen and bath using textured surfaces, why not consider it in countertops too. Honed and polished surfaces are the most common and can be applied to many different materials, such as granite, marble, and quartz. Even though polished is still the most popular, there are advantages to honed Homeowners who opt for a honed finish on their countertops will notice fewer flaws or scratch marks on the surface of the stone, as the matte finish does a better job of concealing imperfections. Honed finishes leave countertops with very little shine that looks satiny-smooth. This finish makes the surface of the countertop less slipper and doesn’t have a reflective element to it as a polished finish does. To keep a honed-finished countertop looking its best, it will need to be frequently resealed. Our product can easily duplicate a matte to honed finish that does not require resealing or specialized cleaner. Please feel free to ask for details.

How about a little character

Lately homeowners have sought out a little more character to kitchen design with countertops that provide a complimentary visual presentation to other elements of the space. Good bye to the round articulates of counters past and an introduction to realistic veining of kitchens future! Utilizing pleasing veins and color combinations enables the homeowner to display creative personal taste, certain to wow, matching floor, cabinet, backsplash and wall decor, and as suggested by some owners adds a twist to cooking, food preparation and other kitchen activities. It would be a pleasure to present some of these new trends to our customers and help completely personalizing your kitchen work space!